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Coffeehouse Theatre
A Night of Comedy One-Acts
March 17 and 18, 2006
At the Brunswick Recreation Center

Queens of France

by Thornton Wilder
M'su Cahusac - Tom Arnold
Marie-Sidonie Cressaux - Heather Leporati
Madame Pugeot - Stayce Nabors
Mamselle Pointevin - Sandra Robson
A Woman - Marilyn Sobotincic
A Servant - Tim Swancer
Directed by - Shawn Skeabeck

The Bear

by Anton Chekov
Looka, a servant - Walter Hay
Elena Ivanovna Popova - Oksana Shezchuk
Gregory Stepanovich Smirnov - Ken Chamers
Directed By - Zoya Wilson

Detective Fiction

(or "Don Brown's Body")
First Reader - Syl Balash
Second Reader - Tim Swancer
First Woman Reader - Janet Welch
Second Woman Reader - Marilyn Sobotincic
Mike Hammer - Shawn Skeabeck
Directed By - George Spelvin
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