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A Christmas Carol
Adapted by Harold G. Sliker from the Charles Dickens story.
December 5, 6, 7, 12, 13 and 14th, 2008 at Skyview Lodge in Brunswick.
Christmas Carol Cast
Prologue - Allison Trouten
Scrooge - Tom Treichel
Bob Cratchit - David Rousculp
Fred - Aaron Switalski
First Gentleman - Keegan Gallagher
First Lady - Lauren Zawie
Carolers - Carly Zunt, Lauren Zawie, Gianna Bosko, Lauren Hogan, Sarah Greiner
Housekeeper - Tiffany Schmidt
Marley - David Rousculp
Ghost of Christmas Past - Samantha Rousculp
Young Scrooge - Dan Sweet
Dick Wilkins - Aaron Switalski
Fezziwig - Ken Chamers
Sweetheart - Emily Beck
Husband - Aaron Switalski
Mrs. Cratchit - Vicki Gallagher
Alice Cratchit - Carly Zunt
Tiffany Cratchit - Sarah Greiner
Belinda Cratchit - Skyler Coughlin
Martha Cratchit - Isabel Struk
Tiny Tim - Ben Frashure
Ghost of Christmas Present - Corissa Gay
Topper - Keegan Gallagher
Fred's Wife - Allison Trouten
Little Maid - Lauren Zawie
Gossipers - Giama Bosko, Sarah Greiner, Lauren Hogan
Pawnbroker - Anna Frashure
Laundress - Samantha Rousculp
Ghost of Christmas Future - Dan Sweet
Turkey Girl - Skyler Coughlin
Fred's Children - Gianna Bosko, Lauren Hogan, Lauren Zawie
Production Staff
Director - Stayce Nabors
Assistant Director - Ken Chamers
Technical Director - Gary Bewley
Stage Manager - Simone Gay
Stage Crew - Eric Painting, Melissa Bouy, Brielle Gay
Scenic Design - The Beck Family, Mr. Zawie
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