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Headin' For The Hills
by Tim Kelly
The Tollivers and the Calhouns have been feuding for 200 years, which makes things difficult for Emmy Lou Tolliver and Lee Roy Calhoun, who could be called the “Romeo and Juliet of the Hills.” The story of this age-old family feud even appears in the tabloid "Strange But True," which inspires a couple of near-bankrupt New York publishing houses to send agents to sign up the conflicting families for a book deal. Throw some Hollywood agents looking for a movie deal into the pot, and you’ve got a rip-snortin’ comedy!  Whatever you do, don’t you dare say the word “hillbilly” to Paw or he’ll get his overalls in a bunch!
December 1st and 2nd at 7:30pm and December 3rd at 2pm at the Brunswick High School, Concord Room
Laurette - Elly Martin
Edna - Lauren Schultz
Rose Marie - Rachel Javorsky
Obie - Aaron Anderson
Lee Roy - Justin Chandler-Holtz
Emmy Lou - Julie Gilpin
Paw Calhoun - Dennis Chandler-Holtz
Bubba - Lia Vanadia
Goober - Grace Ritzert
Maw Tolliver - Dorothy Strauss
Petunia - Morgan Schultz
Dulcy - Josellen Rivellino
Diana Culver - Mary Manos-Mitchem
Miss Pickens - Emma Mitchem
Miss Foran - Dana Javorsky
JoAnn Martin - Kara Martin
Lucille Stevens - Brielle Trussa
Sally Meriwether - Marci Steinke
Miss Wheeler - Katie Martin
Miss Lipscott - Bridget Chandler-Holtz
Train Conductor - Jacob Ritzert
Bianca - Lauren Koshel
Esther - Lauren Chandler-Holtz
Grace - Monica Kovacs
Chloe - Madison Anderson
Charlie Rhodes - Jimmy Martin
Sherri Gordon - Megan Ferrari
iris Hutton - Jordan Whitson
Antiquity Wormwood - Hannah Collis
Ruby Perkins - Olivia Anderson
Dogweazel - Krysta Halupnik
Sheriff - Kelli Shumate
Dagmar - Amanda Vallo
Production Staff
Director - Stayce Nabors
Costumes - Cast
Technical Director - Shawn Skeabeck
Lighting/Sound - Jack Kelm
Props/Makeup - Cast
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