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John Brown's Body

The Chamber Theatre style production is based on Stephen Vincent Benet’s epic poem about the Civil War which was first published in 1928. In 1929 Benet won the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for the piece. The poem was developed and staged for theatre presentation at the Yale University School of Drama and produced professionally Off-Broadway in the mid-1950's. Music for the original show was written by Fenno Heath. In addition to actor/readers, the production featured musical instruments of the period - banjo, guitar, and harmonica - supporting the soloists.
Principal Readers
Janet Welch
Linda Ingram
Nina Arrowood
Brett Arrowood
Syl Balash
John Haigh
Chorus and Vocal Soloists
Walter Hay
Denise Daugherty
Linda Ingram
Janet Welch
Marilyn Sobotincic
Syl Balash
Julie Zabkar
Richard Capicionni - Banjo and Guitar
Scott Hennis - Harmonica and Banjo
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