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Twelve Angry Jurors

Adapted by Sherman L. Sergel
from the television show by Reginald Rose

Presented January 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 2004
Foreman Ken Chamers
Juror 2 Sheldon Lawrence
Juror 3 Craig Stadden
Juror 4 Linda Peel
Juror 5 Dan Balski
Juror 6 Julie Zabkar
Juror 7 Marjorie Sirocky
Juror 8 Dan Sekanic
Juror 9 Art Fenton
Juror 10 Bob Kenderes
Juror 11 Ruth Wilson
Juror 12 Dianna DeGidio
Guard Scott Kostyack
Directed By Joe Kenderes

Twelve Angry Jurors focuses on the basic principles involved in a just trial. How do we provide protection for the innocent but convict the truly guilty? The twelve jurors debate the questions of and accused young man's guilt. In deciding on his life or death, the must separate fact from conjecture, deal with the personal emotions of their fellow jurors, and honor the ideal of our democracy - that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Brunswick ACT is proud to offer talented, young individuals the opportunity to direct. First time director Joe Kenderes, a 1998 graduate of Brunswick High School, is not only a veteran of several Brunswick ACT productions but has performed professionally at the Hanna in Tony N Tina's Wedding and the Cleveland Opera's production of Romeo & Juliet.

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