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by Tim Kelly
based on the novel by Richard Hooker
The stage comedy about the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, known as M*A*S*H. The characters are based on the ones you remember. Hawkeye, Radar, Trapper John, Hot Lips Houlihan, and more pitch in to provide The Best Care Anywhere. The crazy cutups of the 4077th just may leave you in stitches!

July 11, 12, 18 and 19, 2008 at the Brunswick High Performing Arts Center
M*A*S*H - The Swamp
Cast (in order of appearance)
General Hamilton Hammond - Charlie Richards
Pvt. Boone - Ken Robinson
Lt. Colonel Henry Braymore Blake - Art Fenton
Captain Bridget McCarthy - Becky Lowe
Lt. Janice Fury - Vicki Gallagher
Sergeant Devine - Charlie Richards
Lt. Louise Kimble - Marji Sirocky
Captain Frank Burns - Shawn Skeabeck
Father John Patrick Mulcahy - Ron Svoboda
Captain Walter Waldowski - Tom Treichel
Captain John McIntyre (Trapper) - Nick North
Captain John Black (Ugly) - Ron Svoboda
Corporal "Radar" Reilly - Mike Robinson
Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce (Hawkeye) - Ken Chamers
Captain Augustus Bedford Forrest (Duke) - Denny Semick
Ho-Jon - Danny Sweet
Pvt. Lopez - Matthew McKenna
Cisco - Jake Lowe
Lt. Nancy Phillips - Cheryl Bowman
Major Margaret Houlihan (Hot Lips) - Cheryl McConnell
Congresswoman Goldfarb - Jo Sublet
Dean Mercy Lodge - Ron Svoboda
Miss Randazzle - Jo Sublet
Mitzi Bonwit - DeeLayne Samples
Fritzi Bonwit - Judy Rogers
Agnes Bonwit - Kathryn Elias
Lt. Connie Lebowitz - Marji Sirocky
Captain Oliver Wendall Jones (Spearchucker) - Will Warren
Major Roger Haskell - Jon Baley
Lt. C.J. Walker - Colleen Skeabeck
Production & Technical Crew
Director - Stayce Nabors
Assistant Director - Lila Robinson
Technical Director - Shawn Skeabeck
Asst. Technical Director - Jim Carrick
Lighting Technician - Jack Kelm
Sound Designer - James Stopiak
Technical and Stage Crew - Andrew Stopiak, Joe Stopiak, Tim Kneuss, Colleen Skeabeck, Ruthie Sterrett
Stage Manager/Properties - Jim Stopiak
Costumes and Props Chairperson - Marji Sirocky
Photographer - Rob Sweet
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