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The Melody Lingers On
Dialogue from Irving Berlin: A Daughter's Memoir by Mary Ellin Barrett
Orchestration and Vocal Arrangements by Donald Johnston
Conceived by Karen Baker
Over a period of five decades, Berlin's outpouring of ballads, dance numbers, novelty tunes and love songs defined American popular music. This revue was developed at the distinguished Trinity School in New York City and introduced hundreds of high school kids to the work of a man whose name was only familiar to some as the composer of 'God Bless America.' As this new generation learned the story of the Russian Immigrant who started as a singing waiter at a saloon on the Bowery, they became increasingly exhilarated with the discovery of each new song. They also found in Berlin's marriage a compelling, contemporary love story. From Tin Pan Alley to Broadway, from Hollywood to tours of duty throughout Europe and the Pacific, the story of Irving Berlin is the story of this American century.
April 25, 26, May 2, and May 3, 2008 at Skyview Lodge in Brunswick
Master of Ceremonies - Syl Balash
Irving Berlin - Tim Hagerty
Ellin Mackey - Pam Matthews
Male Vocals - Ron Chidsey<br/>Dennis Eberhart, Art Fenton, Bob Kenderes and Dave Parsons
Female Vocals - Kathy Bartel, Tiffany Carty, Karen Hornung, Jennifer Knaggs and Nikki Wolfe
Combo Leader / Reeds - Tony Rump
Brass - Mike Roach
Violin - Samantha Horn
Reeds - Ron Nelson
Bass - Jon Nelson
Percussion - Byron Larson
Production Staff
Director - Nancy Sprowls
Vocal Director - Paula Donoian
Lights & Sound - Gary Bewley, Jordan Bewley
Costumes - Barb McGreer, Bob Kenderes, Dennis Eberhart & cast
Props - Mike Sprowls, Skyview, Cast & Crew
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