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Modern Christmas Carol
by Ruth Ann Pattee
A modern take on the classic story. Ed pesters friends to do his homework, harasses classmates for lunch money, refuses to go Christmas caroling and is just an all-around Scrooge-and his friends are sick of it! It seems like Ed never spends time with them anymore. In turn, Ed's parents, both caught up with their careers, don't spend much time with him-even on Christmas Eve. The night before Christmas, Ed receives ethereal visits from his old friend Kaitlin and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. They remind him of what his life used to be and open his eyes to what it has become and how much worse it could get if Ed doesn't change his ways right now!
December 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 2009 at the Skyview Lodge.
Modern Christmas Carol
Ed - Cameron M.
Laura - Maria F.
Dana - Kree M.
Nick - Patrick H.
Beth - Emily B.
Robin - Penny K.
Kaitlin - Allie B.
Young Ed - Michael S.
Young Nick - Alex B.
Young Kaitlin - Mary Grace B.
Young Beth - Carly Z.
Young Dana - Gwynevere M.
Young Laura - Annaliese T.
Mrs. O'Hara / Christmas Present - Christine B.
Mrs. Loudin / Christmas Future - Samantha G.
Mrs. Hoffman / Christmas Past - Kasey K.
Mrs. Stone - Courtney S.
Eve - Isabel S.
Megan - Lauren H.
Production Staff
Director - Stayce N.
Asst. Director / Book Holder - Monica T.
Stage Manager - Ken C.
Set Construction - Gary G.
Lights and Sound - Amber E.
Costumes and Props - Cast
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