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The Nerd
by Larry Shue
Willum Cubbert has it all - a promising career as an architect, devoted friends, even, maybe, a serious girlfriend. But then Rick Steadman, the ultimate social misfit, comes to visit and puts everything in peril.

Rick overstays his welcome with a vengeance and comes painfully close to ruining Willum's career, and his social life. As the tension mounts and the situations become increasingly more ridiculous, The Nerd escalates into madcap farce as Willum tries to out-nerd his sanity-destroying houseguest.
December 2, 3, 9 and 10, 2005
At the Concord Little Theatre - Brunswick High School
The Cast
Willum Jeff Laird
Axel Dan Sekanic
Tansy Sara Menefee
Rick (The Nerd) Kevin Becker
Waldgrave John Thobaben
Clelia Pam Matthews
Thor Sean McClain
Director Bob Kenderes
Stage Manager Kathleen Schmid
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