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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
by Barbara Robinson
A delightful and touching holiday comedy that charms both adults and children. In the story, the yearly local Christmas pageant may be headed for disaster when the "worst kids in town" show up at auditions and get parts. Everyone is surprised by what they have to offer to rehearsals and to the show.

December 8, 9 and 10, 2006 at the Skyview Lodge, 336 Pearl Rd., Brunswick.
Mother - Becky Lowe
Charlie - Sean McClain
Beth - Samantha Reichle
Father - Ken Chamers
Imogene Herdman - Jen Sedlak
Ralph Herdman - Dan Sweet
Leroy Herdman - Aaron Switalski
Claude Herdman - Jacob Harris
Ollie Herdman - Jacob Lowe
Gladys Herdman - Kaitlyn Harris
Alice - McKenzie Grenfell
Maxine - Emily Gaffga
Lindsey - Kristen Sedlak
Jamie - Morgan Steitz
Elsie - Allison Turdik
Mrs. Armstrong - Linda Ingram
Mrs. McCarthy - Denise Elshaw
Mrs. Slocum - LuAnn Sweet
Mrs. Clark - Debbie Reichle
Rev. Hopkins - Jack Reichle
Shirley - Shawna Rose Wolf
Crystal - Bethany Wolf
Claire - Elizabeth Turk
Kaitlin - Keri-Leigh Russell
Juanita - Tyler-Lynne Gittinger
Beverly - Mary Jo Talley
Doris - Emily Fagan
Production & Technical Crew
Director - Stayce Nabors
Producer - Nancy Sprowls
Costumes - LuAnn Sweet, Debbie Reichle and cast
Lights & Sound - Gary Bewley, Jordan Bewley and Shawn Skeabeck
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