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Picnic At Hanging Rock
By Laura Annawyn Shamas. Based on the book by Joan Lindsay.
For a group of Australian schoolgirls, a romantic Valentine's Day outing ends in an intriguing mystery. What has happened to the three seniors and the mathematics teacher on top of the jagged peaks of Hanging Rock? Who in the large cast of fascinating characters is responsible for the crime? A delicate look at crisis, greed and honesty at the turn of the century, Picnic at Hanging Rock invites the audience to examine the people of Woodend and the consequences of their actions. Hauntingly and ironically, the play shows that what seems pristine and proper on the outside may not be free of moral corruption on the inside. The final climactic twist is shocking and bittersweet, with an impact that is unforgettable. 
July 20, 21, 27 and 28, 2012 at the Brunswick High School, James Hayas Performing Arts Center
In Order of Appearance
Miranda - Elly Martin
Irma - Jordan Whitson
Marion - Kara Martin
Rosamund - Rachel Javorsky
Dianne - Alyssa LoDolce
Dora Lumley - Dorothy Strauss
Gretta McCraw - Elizabeth Finley
Edith - Julie Gilpin
Blanche - Brielle Trussa
Katie - Morgan Shultz
Michelle - Callista Kinnan
Flora - Ali Ryder
Mrs. Appleyard - Stayce Nabors
Sara - Katie Martin
Ben Hussey - Keith Graf
Michael - Sean McClain
Albert - Robert McClain
Minnie - Amanda Vallo
Irish Tom - Ben Campanella
Cook - Cheryl Ryder
Bumpher - Ken Chamers
Dr. McKenzsie - Charlie Richards
Colonel Fitzhubert - Tom Treichel
Mrs. Fitzhubert - Elizabeth Finley
Reg - Aaron Switalski
Mrs. Bumpher - Dorothy Strauss
Production Staff
Director - Tom Treichel
Techical Director - Shawn Skeabeck
Construction Consultant - Ken Strauss
Artistic Consultant - Tom Bednar
Stage Manager - Jim Carrick
Asst. Stage Manager/Props - Nancy Marusak
Lights and Sound - Jack Kelm, Kelvin Knipl
Costumes - Siegi Treichel
Makeup/Hair Stylist - Bryan Gonzalez
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