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Slight Case of Murder
A breakneck paced comedy by Damon Runyon and Howard Lindsay
July 21, 22, 28 and 29, 2006
in the Performing Arts Center in Brunswick High School.
Slight Case
Remy Marco - John Thobaben
Nora Marco - Heather Hersh
Mary Marco - Stephanie Ford
Chance Whitelaw - Dan Balski
Mike, the butler - Vince DelCalzo
Guiseppe, the cook - Brian Kucherak
Lefty, the chauffeur - Mike Yonkura
Madeleine - Colleen Carrick
Douglas F. Rosenbloom - George Constanza
Pete Ryan - Jehad (JD) Deir
Theodore Whitelaw - Art Fenton
Sad Sam - Richard Gaeckle
Kirk - Laurel Hershman
Singer - Jill Janos
Cal Ritter - David W. Williams
Mrs. Ritter - Andrea Geriak
Commissioner Mahoney - Kenneth C. Hatfield, Jr.
Mrs. Ryerson - Carol Kisilewicz
Miss Smith - Pam Matthews
Loretta Paige - Kelley McIntyre
Miss Franklin - Colleen Skeabeck
Innocence - Ruth Wilson
Policeman - Annmarie Steffes
Production & Technical Crew
Director - Bob Kenderes
Producer - Julie Zabkar
Stage Manager/Asst. Director - Marge Berke
Technical Director - Shawn Skeabeck
Asst. Stage Manager - Janet Chokan
Production Assistant - Annmarie Steffes
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