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Night At The Wax Museum
By Craig Sodaro
The hysterical meets the historical in this comic romp through the wackiest wax museum in history! School's out for summer, but not for six unlucky students who don't know much about history — they have to re-take the class in summer school. First year teacher Heather Fairchild has arranged for them to help her two aunts set up a new wax museum as a class project. Though the students' eyes glaze over with boredom, there's a twinkle in the wax figures' eyes when a mysterious incantation from the back of Cleopatra's bracelet brings them to life! King Henry VIII finds himself smitten with Cleopatra, making his queen, Anne Boleyn, furious. If she can just not lose her head, John Adams is there to serve as her divorce attorney! When Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Blackbeard and a bevy of lady pirates show up, everybody's out for one thing — treasure! Wax historical in this mad-cap comedy adventure where the magic of history comes alive... literally!
November 12, 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21, 2010 at Skyview Lodge
Silly Cast Picture
The Brunswick Sun wrote a terrific, front page article on this show! Click here to view it!
Emily Blake - Amanda Dauenhauer
Victor Tates - Patrick Husbands
Carrie Gale - Elly Martin
Jean Krebble - Kara Martin
Rolf Rizzo - Tony Monczewski
Heather Fairchild - Kasey Kaufman
Lupe Lopez - Josellen Rivellino / Emily Beck
Ivy Sweet - Marcel Steinke
Ethel Lockhead - Amber Wiley
Hazel Smithy-Withy - Emily Wiley
Julene Fairchild - Alexis Mitchem
Jolene Fairchild - Mary Manos-Mitchem
Skip Webster - Dan Sweet
Violet Sneed - Alyssa LoDolce
Jasmine Sneed - Rachel Javorsky
Polly Popper - Brielle Trussa
Cleopatra - Carly Zunt
Henry VIII - Brian Spahnie
Anne Boleyn - Emma Mitchem
Anne Bonny - Tyler-Lynne Gittinger
Mary Read - Megan Ferrari
Madame Ching - Emily Avallone
Blackbeard - Geordie Wolfe
Pirate 1 - Aleah Wolfe
Pirate 2 - Bianca Papp
Butch Cassidy - Morgan Spahnie
Sundance Kid - Josh Gerda
Pancho Villa - Jordan Gerda
Calamity Jane - Belinda Rickman
Lizzie Bordan - Tessa Boras
John Adams - Joshua Szopo
Production Staff
Director - Stayce Nabors
Assistant Director - Emily Beck
Stage Manager - Tiffany Papp
Props - Lu Ann Sweet
Costumes - Tiffany Papp & Cast
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